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Master chocolate maker awarded the Gold Medal at the 2017 London International Fair and selected as 2021 Chocolatier of the Year by Gault&Millau, Laurent Gerbaud is one of the protagonists of the chocolate scene in Brussels. His atypical taste experiences during his training have led him to compose and create chocolates that are out of the ordinary and reminiscent of oriental tastes...

Yuzu from Japan, candied ginger from China, Persian berries, pistachios from Greece, figs from Turkey... come and (re)educate your palate by discovering and creating delicious Gerbaud chocolates, "the chocolate that makes you beautiful!".


Accompanied by the chocolate maker himself, or by an accredited guide trained by him, we will be delighted to welcome you in the Gerbaud workshop or to come to your seminar, congress, office, hotel,... but, why not, in your kitchen and garden for an even more unique event!



Education of the Palate:

Chocolatier Laurent Gerbaud will accompany you during the workshop tasting: education of the palate. An initation journey aiming at changing the way to learn how to appreciate chocolate.

Thanks to anecdotes, sharing experiences and the tasting of 13 different kinds of chocolate of Laurent Gerbaud’ s assortment is a real experience..

Mendiants Creation:

We take an apron, a spreading knife and molds. We get acquainted with the language of the chocolate universe and the workshop can start. Coached by Laurent Gerbaud himself or an apprentice of the chocolatier, your guests will make the chocolates themselves. It’s all about 16 small mendiants for which dried fruit and nuts such as grilled and salted almonds, Persian red currants - all selected worldwide by the chocolatier himself - will be used. Afterwards the chocolates will be put into the fridge for 20 minutes. Next step is to unmold and wrap the chocolates so you can take them home. During the cooling process, a degustation and explication about the 4 original types of chocolates: Forastero-Trinatario-Criollo-Mélange Gerbaud will take place.

Workshop Gerbaud-Dandoy

Threaded apron, material in hand, and four delicious Dandoy biscuits to dip in Gerbaud chocolate. Once dipped in the chocolate, decorate the biscuits with dried fruits, nuts such as roasted and salted almonds, Persian red berries, carefully selected by the chocolate maker even from all over the world. Animated by Laurent Gerbaud or one of our accredited guides, enjoy the fusion between two aces of Belgian gastronomy.

Beer and Chocolate Pairing

Beer and chocolate, to be found in Belgian artisanal brasseries, have some characteristics in common. Both have fermented ingredients, bitterness, acidity and an after taste. These are the characteristics of these high quality products. Laurent Gerbaud invites you to discover and taste the best combinations (pairing)of beers and chocolates

Wine and Chocolate Pairing

A true world tour of wines, alcohols and liqueurs all in harmony with a selection of Gerbaud chocolates. From the lightest to the strongest, guests will discover combinations of sweet wines, stout, port and sherry and finish with a peated whisky combined with dark pepper chocolate.

Practical info:

It is possible (and advised) to couple the Education/Beer Pairing workshop with the Creation to enjoy the complete experience.

It's possible to privatize the Chocolate Manufacture and organizse a dinner with workshop included.

Address : Chocolaterie Laurent Gerbaud, Rue Ravenstein 2D, 1000 Bruxelles


Opening hours : 12h00-18h00. Nightly opening and exclusivity on demand.


Groups : maximum 15 people. We can welcome more people, but a switching system is then put in place.


The Chocolate Maker hosts his workshops in French and English only; our guides in (almost) every language.

Check the rates here!

For more info, a free quotation, other questions... please contact us at

0032 496 38 85 94 or

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