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"Beautiful and prodigious city," exclaimed the German artist Dürer, when he stopped in Ghent in 1551. Indeed, in the 16th century, it was the most powerful city after Paris. Having managed to overcome the drapery crisis of the 14th century, Ghent became a huge grain warehouse and an active centre for inland shipping at the end of the 15th century.

Witnesses of the Ghent dwellings of that period will enable us to evoke the commercial and social effervescence of the city. A certain art of living and hospitality, a taste for material goods developed. Spices, capital and merchants always brought ideas in their wake, and a spirit of freedom spread through our prosperous countries. We invite you to discover some facets of the character of the Belgian food-lover during a walk through the historical and gastronomic heart of the city. By plunging our commentary into history, we will see the roots of a region take shape.

We will be happy to organize for you:

  • Guided tour of the historical heart of Ghent

  • Private boat tour on the Channels of Ghent

  • Gourmet Walk

  • Dine Around

  • Interactive Enigmas and Rallyes

  • ...

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