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The comic strip trail explores the interaction between artistic expression and an urban backdrop; a walk that will appeal to people of all ages as you are immersed in the amazing universe of comic strips. Whether you are passionate about comics or not, whether you are a distracted reader or an attentive traveller, this trail conveys the stuff of dreams: a taste from another continent... Do you want to enjoy yourself? Then be quick on the ball (or on the bubble in this case...). We know how to surprise you!

Practical Info

Timing: on demand(2h, 4h, 6h,...)

We can add to your tour the guided visit of the MOOF (Museum Of Original Figures), the Belgian Comic Strip Center, a tasting, a thematic dinner...

For more info, a free quotation, other questions... please contact us at

0032 496 38 85 94 or

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