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To visit Bruges is to imagine that the boats and carriages do not carry tourists but German or Italian merchants who come to sell spices from the Orient, wines from the Rhine, furs from Russia...  It is to find in the animation of the quays the cosmopolitan city of the 16th century: the largest port in the world.
During one day we will live in Bruges like merchants of the Hanseatic League.  After greeting the city representatives in front of the belfry and the town hall, we will walk towards the burghers' lodge, the porter's lodge, the Genoese House,...  It will then be time to go to the Stock Exchange.  After a quick check of the fabric price, we will pay a visit to Peter Bladelin, treasurer of the Golden Fleece.  From the God Houses to the lively quays, from the patrician houses to the church buildings. After lunch, we will continue to follow in the footsteps of those who made Bruges great.

We will be happy to organize for you:

  • Guided tour of the historical heart of Bruges

  • Private boat tour on the Channels of Bruges

  • Gourmet Walk

  • Dine Around

  • Interactive Enigmas and Rallyes

  • ...

For additional information, a free quotation, any question... Feel free to contact us at 0032 496 38 85 94 or at

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