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How to interpret Liège? By its history and its position as a bishopric? By its University, its spiritual and intellectual influence? By its position as a crossroads? We suggest that you evoke these characteristics of the city, but also particular and less well-known facets of the Cité Ardente: from picturesque districts to dead-end streets outside the castle, our guide will show you lesser known places in Liege. In particular, you will pass through the Outremeuse district of Tchantchès, one of the typical figures of the Liège puppet theatre. In this district, you will stroll through streets and alleys with a medieval layout, but also through straight streets from the 19th century. Your guide will show you buildings built by master builders with a creative and refined imagination. The fruit of the talent of all these architects further enhances the charm and personality of this truly "special" Liège district. And we will also take a walk around the University of Liège. The entire estate, still with its wooded areas, moors, meadows and streams, remains protected. An open-air museum integrates more than 70 monumental works into the natural site and the architectural environment.

We will be happy to organize for you:

  • Guided tour of the historical heart of Liège

  • Gourmet Walk

  • Dine Around

  • Interactive Enigmas and Rallyes

  • ...

For additional information, a free quotation, any question... Feel free to contact us at 0032 496 38 85 94 or at

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