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Gateway to the Ardennes, Namur owes its position on a rocky spur, at the confluence of the Meuse and Sambre rivers, to having been for twenty centuries a military place of prime importance. Situated on the Roman road that linked it to Koln, it was also, from the beginning of our era, on the Meuse-Saône penetration route and from the 16th century, it commanded the "trouée de l'Oise" towards Paris, the one that the German troops took in 1940. The town developed at the foot of the citadel, then on the banks of the Sambre and Meuse rivers. Today, Namur is, in its setting of greenery and rock, a serene and peaceful city where the visitor receives the best welcome. In addition to its churches, it has kept very beautiful houses and collections where the art lover can appreciate miraculously preserved masterpieces.


We will be happy to organize for you:

  • Guided tour of the historical heart of Namur

  • Gourmet Walk

  • Dine Around

  • Interactive Enigmas and Rallyes

  • ...

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