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Antwerp .... the city of Rubens, the world diamond centre, a city of renowned fashion designers, an international port and river city, a city in the Burgundian spirit, an open-air art gallery with its listed monuments and viewpoints, a welcoming, lively and multicultural metropolis,....

Antwerp has every reason to be proud of its rich historical past with famous artists such as Rubens, Van Dyck, Jordaens and Brueghel. Over the centuries, the city has built up a cultural heritage of exceptional value. Its museums and churches are real treasures where many of these masterpieces are preserved and exhibited. Antwerp can still boast wonderful urban panoramas, listed monuments, statues, madonnas and pious images that contribute to the beauty of the city.

And even today Antwerp has a fascinating life of culture and art. With famous and less famous artists, great and small cultural talents. With many theatres, cinemas, galleries, dance halls and concert halls. With established cultural centres and experimental free ports. With resounding, intimate architecture.  

We will be happy to organize for you:

  • Guided tour of the historical heart of Antwerp

  • Gourmet Walk

  • Dine Around

  • Interactive Enigmas and Rallyes

  • ...

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